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The use of confidential sources by the press is not forbidden or restricted.

The legitimate grounds for restriction listed in the ICCPR are: respect for the rights or reputations of others; protection of national security or of public order, or of public health or morals; provided by the law. This is likely to influence the voters where the polling is yet to commence.

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Similarly, WHO staff members may not favour certain groups over otherbased on a reflection of their personal status orinclinations, particularly in terms of recruitment or hiring of individuals to collaboratewith WHO. What purpose does it serve?

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One way to ensure that they have a real impact would be to put them on the agenda for discussion at the main sessions of the annual meetings of the internet governance fora such as IGF, WSIS and ICANN.

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However, authors in this branch of journalism still maintain ethical criteria such as factual and historical accuracy as found in standard news reporting. States journalists should not accepted right to journalistic directives.