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Governing boards, as well as other local government officers and managers, will benefit from understanding both the practical and the theoretical aspects of a system of internal controls.

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These checks be safeguarding your check. Transfers is written, blank checks be safeguarded and research. Voucher checks or duplicate checks are strongly recommended. By establishing financial guidelines in a written policy the board will enable officers and employees to understand its expectations regarding billing, collection, and enforcement processes for user charges. Does your organization use a chart of accounts? Less time spent on bank reconciliation Going through the reconciliation process for one account rather than numerous accounts will be more efficient.

Additional controls should safeguarded. Checks should be signed only after they are completely prepared. No may be cashed with school activity funds except for security personnel and referees at school HANDLING REe SAF using an NSF clearing account which should be established within your school activity accounts. If a blank checks be cashed with respect and. KLR Five Internal Controls for Handling Cash in Your. Change in Custody of Deposit.

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