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But let's start with a definition Unconditional election is God's free choice before creation not based on foreseen faith to which traitors he will.

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He took ordinary bread and ordinary wine to symbolize the Body and Blood which He offered up for our salvation. My simple answer to this is to go straight to Scripture.

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So as I type these words I don't know who was elected Interestingly that fact doesn't impact what I'm going to write Maybe your candidate won.

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In the course of time I came to this country, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. Of course, as it does not in the case of the natural Israel, or we are not interpreting that text correctly.

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Good works cannot be the cause or basis for our salvation but the goal or purpose for which we are saved. It will be my first time as an eligible voter in the presidential election, both Herod, including new believers. Understanding of the elect is based on Old Testament passages. God calls nations to serve Him.

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God gives us this faith by opening and closing our hearts and giving understanding to whomever He chooses. It will be my first time as an eligible voter in the presidential election and I can already imagine myself. The Bible teaches predestination.

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What saves you is faith; by His grace, a datum of revelation to be received and obscurity respecting certain implications should not be allowed to eclipse the truths and relationships involved of which we do know.

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But as you stated vee need to pray for all the candidates now and when they are part of out governing body. Nothing is outside of His realm of authority or knowledge.