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IRS, covering vital conversations and civil, people are told that their Social Security number was fraudulently used to apply for credit cards. Social Security Administration officer. Resist the pressure to act quickly.


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Office would like to remind everyone law enforcement nor any other government agency will NOT call and ask for any type of prepaid credit cards, business policy, or to request that individuals enter into any type of a financial transaction.


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The Department of Justice recently sued two of these carriers while the FTC and Federal Communication Commission issued warning letters to others.


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There's a scam going on right now in Merced County where someone calls saying their a sheriff deputy and there's a warrant out for your arrest. Caller tells u you have to call back this number or a you will be subpoenaed or arrested for suspected bank defrauding.


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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is aware of an ongoing scam that involves fraudsters claiming to be from the Federal Reserve contacting the public through unsolicited phone calls or emails regarding a fictitious federal grant.


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Be wary of any person calling you on the phone giving you the option of releasing personal information over the phone or going to jail. Many people now have caller ID, NY.


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